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BGC strength

Your home is only as secure as the company that builds it

Your financial security can hinge on who builds your home; it’s crucial to choose a builder you can depend on for life. HomeStart is part of BGC, one of Australia’s largest builders.

With our size comes strength and stability. We’ll be here to see your home through to completion. We’ll be here to honour your Lifetime Structural Warranty. And because of our size and economies of scale, we can build your home at a great price.

There’s strength in BGC’s numbers

BGC employs 2000+ Australians
WA’s largest builder for more than 10 years and counting
  Over 50% of the materials are manufactured in WA
Over $50 million is invested in display homes in WA
  100+ active and planned displays across WA
BCG House

Biggest and Best

BGC is not only WA’s biggest home builder, but also one of the most awarded. At every price point, our craftsmanship and quality consistently wins industry awards.

Quality control from start to finish

BGC manufactures the majority of our own building materials – most of them right here in WA. That’s why HomeStart has the confidence to offer you a Lifetime Structural Warranty on your new home.

Life Time Structural Guarantee
Life Time Structural Guarantee

BGC is building WA

From hospitals, universities, schools and police stations, to office towers, hotels and sporting stadiums, you can see BGC projects everywhere. BGC is responsible for bringing some of WA’s most iconic – and complex – buildings to life.

We put the same expertise into HomeStart.

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