Attention First Home Buyers & Renters!

Posted on October 7, 2013

People who want to own their own home should not delay trying to get into the market.

Corrine Rogers, 29, a secondary school teacher, had been looking for a home and saving for about five years, waiting until the right time came to get a home of her own.

I decided to build a home my own because I wanted a foot in the door to property and the right time came along” she said.

Ms Rogers had just returned from the UK and was living at home with her mother while working at a high school in Clarkson.

She was looking for a place of her own and rather than buy an existing home , she eventually decided to build with HomeStart.

“HomeStart has the land I wanted in the suburb I wanted and could build with in my budget” she said

“It was great that I got to choose what went into my own home.”

HomeStart’s Sales Manager Shabir Sass said Ms Rogers chose the Avenue home design. “The Avenue is a popular three-bedroom, two-bathroom design that suits a cottage lot, which was perfect for Corrine” he said.

“It host a separate home theatre, a spacious master bedroom and the kitchen, dining and family rooms are open-plan” Mr Sass said the Avenue had been designed with first home buyers in mind to offer something that was modern and affordable.

“Corrine is a typical first home buyer – in her 20s and looking for an affordable, well designed home close to her family” He said.

“Corrine found that the established homes in her chosen area were either too expensive or didn’t have the features she liked. It then became clear that building a new home would be a better option for her and after some research she decided to contact HomeStart”

HomeStart’s main objective is to provide quality and affordable homes for first home buyers and low to middle income earners. “As this is the first time the majority of our clients have built a home, it is important that they remain informed and guided through the entire building process. With a strong focus on customer service HomeStart operates as a one-stop shop with many in-house services available, from finance and loan advice through to land, home design, colour selection and settlement”

Ms Rogers said she now greatly enjoyed having a place to call her own. “My favourite thing about having a home is that its mine, its comfortable and I own it; not just giving rent money to some other person to pay their mortgage” she said

“My advice for other would-be first home buyers is to take the plunge; it’s worth it”

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